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History of FoldTuk

FoldTuk Kitchenware is a corporation located in Richmond, Virginia.

It took almost two years of R&D and numerous samplings and testings to develop the FoldTuk Bakeware product line, which utilizes FoldTuk's proprietary material, Ceramber™, and integrates its renowned "fold & tuck" technology into its designs.

2008 ~
In March 2008, the FoldTuk Bakeware "Round" shape was debuted on QVC and was an instant success. In the same month at the International Housewares show in Chicago, FoldTuk Kitchenware introduced its complete line of bakeware products, offering many colors and shapes. The show attracted hundreds of spectators and customers from all around the world introducing FoldTuk worldwide the following months.

During the Christmas season of 2008, the first FoldTuk Bakeware was sold in Europe and Japan. The collapsible space saving feature fits perfectly in these markets.

2009 ~
In February 2009, FoldTuk Bakeware was first televised through HSN in Japan.

In March 2009, FoldTuk Kitchenware introduced the first collapsible meat Roaster rated 18lb Turkey / 20 lb roast at the International Housewares show in Chicago. The FoldTuk Roaster development took almost one year of engineering and is a one of a kind roaster utilizing the famous "3-in-1" technology. The Cook – Serve – Store concept is one of the strong advantages that make FoldTuk Kitchenware a new household name.

FoldTuk Kitchenware is a US company providing unique cooking products for the home, leisure market
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