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General Questions:

Is the FoldTuk Bakeware & Roaster dishwasher safe?

Does FoldTuk Bakeware & Roaster use any Petroleum base plastic in its products?
Due to published study reports from known scientific groups citing potential risks from Petroleum base plastics, FoldTuk has committed to use only the safest materials that will protect its customers and families from any long-term health risks.

Is FoldTuk products PTFE / PFOA free?

What is PTFE / PFOA?
ANSWER: PTFE and PFOA are commonly used chemicals to create a non-stick coating cookware and bakeware. FoldTuk products are naturally non-stick and are PTFE / PFOA chemical free.

Will the FoldTuk product stain with certain foods?
ANSWER: As it is with all unattended bakeware products, if certain food items are high in color pigment, overcooking or burning could possibly stain the FoldTuk bakeware containers. But if attended, rarely will staining take place.

FoldTuk Bakeware:

Is FoldTuk Bakeware safe to use in Microwave ovens?
ANSWER: Yes. FoldTuk Bakeware can go into a microwave oven or any kind of baking oven as long as the temperature does not exceed 500°F / 260°C.

What is Ceramber™?
ANSWER: Ceramber™ is a propriety compound. It is food safe and follows the FDA food grade standard.

Can I use the storage lid in the microwave oven?
ANSWER: Yes. The storage lid can be used in the microwave oven providing the lid is never “snapped” sealed tight onto the container. Use caution to never snap- seal the lid. Doing so may create steam/pressure that can build up and potentially cause burning when the hot steam is released. Always place the lid askew so the steam pressure can escape.

Can I use the storage lid in the convention-baking oven?
ANSWER: No. The storage lid is not designed for high temperature ovens.

FoldTuk Roaster:

Can FoldTuk Roaster go into infrared ovens?
ANSWER: Yes. The FoldTuk Roaster can go into any baking oven as long as it does not exceed the rated temperature of 500°F / 260°C.

Is the FoldTuk Roaster safe to use in Microwave ovens?
ANSWER: No. FoldTuk Roaster cannot go into a microwave oven because it has a metal flange and base, which might cause arcing.

For complete information about FoldTuk products, please contact for the complete “Care and Handling” guide.

FoldTuk Kitchenware is a US company providing unique cooking products for the home, leisure market
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